Production Div

「It is a company which values a customer and is loved by the customer. 」
In order to embody this idea, in a facility design, a customer's needs are always caught and quickly quality service is provided.

Details of our works

  • Make arrangements with a customer./Hearing.
  • A design and drafting of an electric facility.
  • A design and drafting of water works, health, a ventilation air conditioner.
  • Correspondence of correction.
  • Frame an energy-saving measure notification.
  • Drafting of an office layout.
  • Drafting of the Perth,Illustration.
  • Frame the Reformation proposal letter.

IT Consulting Div

「Creation of Novel Value.」
Because there is "purpose", a website, a system, and a flier are made.
The purpose is "problem solving","realization of a target", or much a visitor's thought is choked up.
Our company performs the optimal proposal, after being hearing such a thought thoroughly, having discerned the "essence" and judging on many sides.
Our service wants to only produce not craftsmanship but a visitor, and one value.
This is our thought.

Details of our works

  • Make arrangements with a customer./Hearing.
  • The proposal of a concept and a plan.
  • Design work.
  • Website work.
  • Development of Web systems, such as groupware.
  • Development of the application used by i-Phone and Android.
  • correspondence multi-device of SmartPhone and some mobiles.